Our Services


We offer dynamic One to One classes or Small group sessions. You also can enjoy class activities, like cooking, and weekend excursions called City tour.

Ecuadorian Host Families

We offer accommodation with Ecuadorian Families that will help you to improve your spanish and it is a great opportunity for learning and experiencing the Ecuadorian life.


Our teachers are qualified professionals with years of experience teaching Spanish to foreign people of all ages and nationalities, and the adequate knowledge of other languages to satisfy all your requirements.

Schedule and Facilities

Flexible schedule between 8H00 and 19H30 (Lessons are private so you can start any day of the week). Wireless Internet and all our facilities at your service with no extra price.

Voluntary Service

We offer voluntary services with Ecuadorian people that, in addition to improving your Spanish, you will help people who need your support.

City Tour

We offer excursions to tourist places here in Ecuador.

Our Courses

General Spanish

With this course you will learn everything about Spanish in a longer way but with more detail.

Spanish for Travelers

If you want to know more about the Ecuadorian culture and improve your spanish skills, this is your course.

Experiential Spanish

In this course you will be able to improve your speaking skills using experiential activities with national people.

Intensive Spanish

It is a harder course but it is perfect if you do not have enough time. You will learn the most important things fo Spanish.

Preparation for International Certificate "DELE"

In this course you are going to be prepared in order to take the DELE test.

Language Proficiency Levels


Accredits that the student has sufficient linguistic ability to understand and form sentences frequently used in everyday expressions.


Sufficient linguistic ability in simple situations, covering familiar topics of everyday life.


Accredits sufficient knowledge of the language to integrate it in situations requiring an elementary level of communication.


Accredits that the student is competent to communicate in ordinary situations of everyday life, situations which do not require specialized use of the language.


We ensure that the student has the ability to communicate clearly without limitation and acquires a good knowledge of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.


Achievement of an advanced ability in the use of language at both oral and written levels. The student is accredited with having a knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language which allows them to fully integrate into the community.

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